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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Congratulations to our CEO Dr. Guy Rachmuth

Dr. Rachmuth's Actual Chip
HEALTHeME CEO Dr. Guy Rachmuth has earned international recognition for his collaborative research at Harvard-MIT, which will be featured in a landmark paper to be published in a renowned science journal.

Along with a team of researchers, Dr. Rachmuth helped to design a computer chip that mimics how the brain’s neurons adapt in response to new information. This groundbreaking research on how a brain learns and remembers will be unveiled in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.
The MIT researchers plan to use their chip to build systems to model specific neural functions, such as the visual processing system. Such systems could be much faster than digital computers. Even on high-capacity systems, it takes hours or days to simulate a simple brain circuit. With the analog chip system, the simulation is even faster than the biological system.
Dr. Rachmuth said that another potential application is building chips that can interface with biological systems. This could be useful in enabling communication between neural prosthetic devices such as artificial retinas and the brain. These chips could eventually become building blocks for artificial intelligence devices, said Dr. Rachmuth.

About Dr. Guy Rachmuth

Harvard trained neuroscientist Dr. Guy Rachmuth, co-founder of HEALTHeME, develops the algorithms and artificial learning capabilities of the HEALTHeME engine. He holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University in biomedical engineering with a focus on neuroplasticity – how the brain rewires and adapts in response to experience. He is a research affiliate at the Harvard/MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST).