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Friday, February 10, 2012

15-minute Fat Burning Workout

Quickest workout ever!

Try this interval workout to build muscle, burn calories, and boost your energy. It takes just 15 minutes - no equipment required!

  1. Jog/march in place: 2 minutes
  2. Squats: 1 minute - Press your hips back as if sitting in an imaginary chair & keep your knees behind your toes
  3. Push Ups: 1 minute - Do these with your hands against the wall, knees on the floor, or place your hands under your shoulders and straighten your legs for more intensity
  4. Jumping Jacks: 2 minutes
  5. Alternating Reverse Lunges: 1 minute - Start with legs hip-width apart, step back with your right leg and lower your right knee toward the floor (without actually touching the floor) while keeping your left knee directly over your ankle, step your feet together and repeat on the other side
  6. Triceps Dips: 1 minute - Place your hands on a stable chair, step, or sofa, bring your hips forward off of the seat, bend at your elbows and lower until your elbows are bent to a 90 degree angle, push back up to complete one repetition
  7. Front Kicks: 1 minute - Don’t lock out your knees as you kick forward
  8. Alternating Jabs: 1 minute - Punch forward without locking out your elbows
  9. Plank: 30 seconds, rest, repeat - You can place your forearms on the floor (elbows under your shoulders) or hands on the floor (hands under your shoulders), keep your back in alignment and don’t allow your hips to drop or pike
  10. Jump Rope: 2 minutes - No worries if you don't have a jump rope, you can pretend!
  11. Bridge: 1 minute - Lie on your back and place your feet a few inches away from your hips, lift and lower your hips without completely resting your hips on the floor
  12. Abdominal Crunches: 1 minute - Be sure not to pull on your neck as you perform your repetitions.

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