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Friday, December 23, 2011

What's a little weight loss among friends?

Weight loss works best with friends.
Do bird of a feather really flock and lose weight together? 

According to some recent studies, when those “birds” are overweight, they sure do! The research may have you reconsidering your “flock” to help you achieve weight loss success.  In one recent study, researchers found that people tend to eat more if they’re around overweight people. Study participants indulged in more candy or cookies after seeing an overweight person. With two out of every three Americans being classified as overweight or obese, this may make overeating (and the subsequent tipping of the scales), as contagious as the winter cold or flu running around your office.

Another study found that your social network is an important factor when it comes to your waistline. Researchers surveyed 288 people and found that overweight or obese people were at least 10% more likely to have an overweight best friend or romantic partner.

Here are two strategies to help you reach your weight loss goals and maybe even help your “flock” take a turn down the healthy road with you:
  1. According to one study, shared activities and meals may be the key element that causes people to gain or lose weight in sync. Enlist your friends to make some healthy resolutions. Catch up over a walk or watch your portions by splitting a healthy meal.
  2. Remembering your specific goals and realizing the link between overeating and weight gain can help you stay on track, even when you’re around people who are overweight or making poor choices. The best way to keep up with your goals? Write them down and log your food daily so you’ll understand the relationship between what you eat and your success.