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Monday, January 30, 2012

HEALTHeME Now Targeting Stress

Lowering Stress With Text Messaging
Today we're proud to roll out a new cognitive-behavioral based approach to reduce stress; stress management delivered via text messaging.  As many readers know, HEALTHeME recently ran a 12 week pilot that followed 300 adults.  We found that personalized text messages delivered at just the right time lowered stress for 60% of our users, and improved mood for 65% of users.

This is good news for all Americans currently stressed about money, work and the economy. Research shows that stress can contribute to the development of major illnesses, such as heart disease, depression, and obesity. HEALTHeME will deliver personalized text messages that help curb bad decisions, and motivate people to stay on course with diet and exercise goals. 

As an addition to the current HEALTHeME platform, this stress reduction program first analyzes a person’s unique ability to cope with anxiety, stress, boredom, or sadness. The analysis is used to customize a text message approach that matches the person's coping style. The predictive text messages are deployed at critical moments in order to help curb bad health decisions that are triggered by stress.

According to the  American Psychological Association  22% of Americans are extremely stressed! As daily stress is directly linked to over eating, weight gain and obesity, HEALTHeME offers a proven, practical, and simple way to cope with stress and achieve weight loss. Ultimately, psychology-based text messaging gets the job done.