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Monday, January 30, 2012

Weight Loss Made Simple

Ever feel like trying to make healthy food choices is sort of like a trip through Wonderland?  In the classic story, Alice falls down the rabbit hole to find cakes that read, “eat me”, receives clues in the form of riddles from a disappearing cat, and nonsensical advice from a Mad Hatter.  We are literally bombarded with nutritional information from almost everyone we meet, making it nearly impossible to work our way through nutritional “wonderland” and reach our weight loss goals. 

The confusion has sparked a movement to help people better understand nutrition and what constitutes a healthy meal for weight loss.  Last year, the USDA launched MyPlate in an effort turn the food guide pyramid into a user-friendly version to help us make better choices as mealtime.  It also fueled a recent study  that found people made better food choices when nutrition labels were turned into a visual stoplight image, rather than deciphering nutritional facts, figures, and percentages.

While these user-friendly initiatives are certainly helpful and make understanding nutrition a little less time-consuming, many are still scratching their heads wondering things like:
·      What kinds of foods will help me lose weight?
·      How do I understand all this information on food labels?
·      How much constitutes a serving size for weight loss?”  

We know you’ve got questions about weight loss that are just burning a hole in your pocket and we’ve got ‘em too!  So, Sloan, HEALTHeME’s Chief Visionary Officer and Program Director, will be joining MSNBC and  TODAY Show's nutrition & health expert Joy Bauer  for a Google+ Hangout  live chat.  Sloan will be asking Joy questions about weight loss & stress.   

Consider yourself cordially invited to join in the discussion on Tuesday, January 31st at 4:00pm   You will hear Joy’s answers to common questions and can even ask questions for yourself!  It’s time to get real answers to your questions about weight loss.