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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bandwidth and mobile health innovation

Founders of HEALTHeME Sloan and Guy Rachmuth with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski  

Here at HEALTHeME, we use a lot of bandwidth to push our program out to folks that want to get healthy by using their mobile phone. The founders of HEALTHeME recently had dinner with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski during his visit to Durham, NC. The Chairman pointed out that the U.S is now in a race to ensure that innovative ideas have access to our most treasured communication resources: our mobile phone and internet connections.

We are excited that the FCC is working to ensure that the regulatory path for mobile health products, like HEALTHeME, is efficient so that more innovation can take place. Of course, we are also happy to know that someone is making sure we don’t run out of bandwidth…